Lost in Displacment

Moulding Tradition is Forma Fantasma's latest thought-provoking project, to be shown during Dutch Design Week at Design Academy Eindhoven in late October. Based on traditional Sicilian ceramics that are now becoming less carefully crafted, the collection of objects reflects the state of non-European immigration to Italy. From Moor invasions to present-day clandestine arrivals by boat, elements of Italian history and reality serve to embellish the majolica pieces. The themes in this project are plenty: craft's role in keeping the past alive, attitudes towards immigration, the effects of allowing history to repeat itself. The collection by Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin consists of 2 bowls, a vase, a wine bottle and a flask.
 -From MoCo Loco

Via: MoCo Loco


Jesse Lu said...

wow these are great! I love it when people use clay as a medium to actually say something.

Matthew Katz said...

I know. It is rare when art can be used to communicate
so emotionally.