Hey all.
I hope everyone is doing well. Sorry to miss out on Monday. Those of you outside The States may not know that it was Labor Day, so we were out and about. We had a great weekend, one of my oldest and dearest friends who you may have seen hanging around the blog Ani TD, came for a visit.

We had our last showing at the Outdoor Theater at our current location. We are still unsure how we are going to use it at the new house. It dosen't have much of a lawn and the neighbors are close. Have no fear the theater will live again.

We also went on a tour of The Finger Lakes wineries with the Fecteau-Volk's. We had a lovely day with some winners and some loosers (Monezuma's Revenge!). But a great time.

The day of reckoning is fast approaching as our house purchase closes in 16 days. Mrs. Rose and I have been pondering decorating, spending hours debating paint colors and decorating strategies. Of course one of the biggest issues is how do we show our ceramics?

The Matthew and Rose Katz Memorial Collection has become quite large over the years. As our lives have been somewhat transient much of the collection has been in storage. Now is the time to bring it out and show it's stuff. But we have been trying to consider new and interesting ways to display. We have lots of shelves, but what else is there?

I came across these plate ideas, which I like. But what about cups and bowls? Does anyone have any good ideas?


Patricia Griffin said...

Thanks for sharing the plate ideas. Gives me some ideas for using up some of the high space in my gallery... Hey, love the outdoor theater too. Very cool.

lindsey said...

am so jealous of your outdoor theater. and i must warn you about the alfred neighbors!!! re: display ideas - show them off in glass cupboards in the kitchen or turn them into light fixtures. maybe display them on a refurbished antique serving/tea cart. good luck getting settled in. i am still staring at unpacked boxes!