Well great, you killed it...

You all know, I love pots, both handmade and designed.

I have always had one problem with pots. That is functionality. I believe that many makers wrap themselves in the warm blanket of "functionality" as a defensive posture to protect themselves from confronting the practicality of their objects. Now, I am not trying to attack anyone, I am just say that declaring something "Functional" does not make it so, it actually has to perform.

This mug is a perfect example of declaring something as functional when a) It is not b) it solves a non existent problem.

This mug was created buy the NOTHING dESIGN group, some of who's fluffly little cloud mugs were one of my first ever posts here on Slipcast. and I still find charming.

For that reason I find this object to be even more enraging.

Its declared function is

"The Mug o was designed taking into account that when clean mugs stand upright, dust tends to collect on the inside. The problem is effortlessly solved by sculpting the handle into a right angle triangle. That way the mug can sit sturdily upside down when not in use, shielding it from unwarranted dust"

What the fuck? I'm sorry but that is total bullshit. because do you know what the answer to that problem is? Store your mugs on their lips! I know what a radical idea.  Who ever would have thought of that?

Let me examine all of the things that are wrong with their design.

a) The Handle- Come on. Anyone who has every played with handle design, knows that you have to balance on the top, with a swoop underneath to control the fulcrum point of the mug while drinking. That has been established for millennium. What happens when you set the fulcrum point at a 45 in the middle of the body? It is going to get wonky. Plain and simple.

b) Storing on the Handle- it is going to take up unnecessary space in the cabinet. And it won't be that stable anyway, much less stable the just storing it on the lip.

c) "Minimizing Dust" You know what, If you have you mug sitting around long enough to gather appreciable dust, inside or out. You need to wash that shit. Plain and simple.


Great, now I'm grumpy...I need a hug



Kitty said...

yes, I agree with you. And if someone says "Oh, you could sell this at the Pottry Barn", I would have to kill them.

Christine--RHP said...

seems to be a stretched marketing ploy nonetheless...
not sure if anyone will care--I have more people asking me for comfy mug handles than anything else. But I won't be winning any hoity-toity design with a capital 'D' awards for my innovations--just lots of happy coffee/tea drinkers
You get a hug.

cookingwithgas said...

I think my spiders would love that design!
Spider house coffee mugs.

Jesse Lu said...

This is the most ridiculous design ever. Maybe we should nominate it for the Oops Award.

EmilyKate said...

I share your rage, but am laughing out loud at the same time :o)

Matthew Katz said...

Thanks EK : )

Matthew Katz said...

Christine. I think comfy is part of functional. If you have to learn to use something it means it is not normal.

Thanks for the Hug