Something To Prove

The functionality of handles again comes into question with this model. Now a sensible ceramicist (I'm sticking with it) would question the functionality of a handle only attached in one spot. As two connection points give the handle better purchase to withstand the sway imparted by impact.

Badder Homes and Gardens who provided the source for this mug, are more interested in questioning the designers...ummmmm...masculinity.

As the name of the mug...
...is the Ego.

Good times...

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Eleanor Snare said...

Yeah, ceramicist!

True, your hand/wrist is going to have to work harder and take more strain with a handle like that. But when you masculinity...er...you mean...you know... (I'm so English! Is there a queue anywhere I can join?)

Maybe if it's called Ego then the extra grip your hand would impart on the 'handle'/masculine symbol is pertinent? Haha!

Matthew Katz said...

Oh, Elanor
You can be at the front of my Queue.

My wife and I decided that we want to adopt your name. So English, so perfect.