For tonight and one night only...


...Ok, not really, but there is an opening in Philadelphia, for clay folks. 
Jeanne Quinn, is one of my professors in Grad School (University of Colorado, Boulder, awesome school, with a brand new arts building opening soon!) Has a show opening tonight at the Art Alliance in Philly.  Jeannie is an amazing artist and one of the great forward thinkers in the ceramics community. So if you are reading this from the Philly area, get over to the show tonight. You won't be disappointed.

Philadelphia Arts Alliance

251 South 18th Street.
On Rittenhouse square


Jesse Lu said...

OMG!!!! She's my fave! Way to rub it in that I can't be there, Matt. lol, jk. I didn't know she teaches at Boulder.... hmmm, never considered it really. Boulder's nice. How'd you like it for grad school?

Matthew Katz said...

Boulder is great and a fantastic grad school. It is quietly one of the best ceramics programs out there.

Jesse Lu said...

Hmmm... what's the vibe like there? What kind of ceramic work are they into?

Matthew Katz said...

It is a great vibe. The program is pretty conceptual/forward thinking. but they accept students in all forms of ceramics, sculpture, pots etc.