U-G-L-Y That shit ain't got no Alibi

The Oops Design Award is meant to feature the Best of the Worst of object design. Pieces of furniture of housewares that have no reason to exist and really need to be taken out behind the shed and shot. 

From the organizers

 OOPS DESIGN AWARD is an not honourable award founded in 2009 by  known product designer, architect , design/architecture expert Andrej Statskij and his partners:design journalist Magda Braun-Sommer  and product design historian Adam Hoops. It is first not honourable award in the world covered product design / furniture design,lighting design,home accessories design,household appliances design,houseware design,tableware design,kitchenware design,WC appliances design etc./.Award  highlighted the  ugliest,silliest and most useless products completed and manufactured.
 OOPS DESIGN AWARD nomination and selection are performed by ODAF / OOPS DESIGN AWARD FOUNDATION / ,an   group of anonymous product design fans and experts.Award are voted upon by the membership of the ODAF and this membership is openly available to the public.

 (Saguaro Cactus!)

Thanks to Jesse over at The (Mud)bucket for the heads up.

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