Lego my Dishes

These Lego inspired dishes, scream coolness and copyright infringement.

They do play with the notion of sets very effectively. Sets are always a difficult conversation. A successful set is composed of one object repeated. Yet years ago, Mrs. Rose introduced me to her struggle which is, how do you make a set of objects that don't match?

This also frees me from an accusation of posting to much whiteness.

Designed by Alexandre A. Oliveira, Marco A. Koch and Vinicius Zarpelon
Photo: Rafael David


lisawbwalker said...

What do you use that little brown one for? The colors are fantastic and would be perfect inte orange and avacado kitchen of my youth...

Matthew Katz said...

The Brown one to me would be for snacks or nuts. Something not liquid that you don't really want to did for.

Jesse Lu said...

These are grea: stylish and so playful!