Light Brigade

This light is by designer Korean designer Hwa-jin Jung. I do like it. the casualness of the bulb combined with the tension of the plates strikes a nice balance. Although I am very sensitive to light (blue eyes) and I really hate exposed bulbs. None the less this is quite nice.

from the designer.

"I expressed new culture that comes from the difference of expression in describing the word “putting in” between the east and the west. Using the language, I created a new language design that gives us unreal feelings with western illumination and Korean container.  Sense of suspense was expressed through the type of piled containers and there’s an electric bulb at the bottom of the container. With the language of formative arts, the expression “putting in” was drawn out. As a result, considerate contemplation was elicited through traditional properties of containers and the illumination of foreign culture."

Via: Design Milk

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