Putting it to the test

As they say the proof is in the pudding. Tony Clennell a potter up in Canada stopped by Pottery Supply House in Oakville Ontario, our awesome new supplier, in the Great White North. Tony picked up some Porcelain for the People and put it to the test.  He made some gorgeous teapots with the clay and here is what he has to say about it. 

Well it threw and trimmed like a dream. Usually if I can throw porcelain I hate trimming it. This seems to have a coarse particle size that makes for trimming with some expression to it.
I tortured this clay. I dipped it in my local slip clay, slaked down the trimmings and mixed in some sand with the casting slip and laid it on thick. It took the punishment.

See Tony's full review at his blog.  

I love it when people torture our clay. Tony's teapots of Fred's 75 hour Anagama  really show how rugged and versatile the clay really is. That is something about this clay that really goes unrecognized. How much torture the clay can take. It has been designed for versatility, both in execution and technique. It not only throws better, and thinner, but it is also designed to resit torque and distortion that is common with porcelains thrown on the wheel. That kind of torture opens porcelains up to everyone.  Beginners should no longer be afraid of Porcelain. This clay gives beginners and casual potters the great clays that the master have been keeping to themselves for all these years.

If you are feeling slightly sadistic, and want something to torture, go ahead and try Porcelain for the People. You wont be disappointed.

For our Canadian Customer we sell exclusively through Pottery Supply House. If you are in the south, try Atlanta Clay or for the rest of  the U.S. you can head over to www.MattandDavesClays.com and we will ship directly to you.   

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