Puppy Power.

Puppy Rescued from Teapot.

A tiny puppy was freed by four Gisborne firefighters after its head became wedged in a teapot.
The bull-mastiff pup, about 10 weeks old, suffered a small nick to its nose.
A fire truck raced to the scene at about 9.45am yesterday, initially believing a person had become trapped.
Gisborne senior station officer Mike Milne said the crew had struggled to envisage the situation.
"I thought that must be some teapot, but they'd be able to breathe through the spout anyway."
The crew was met by a worried looking couple standing at the gate of their home. They were holding the dog, its head stuck inside the old porcelain teapot.
With a sledgehammer resting against it, Mr Milne tapped the teapot a few times with an engineer's hammer, breaking it apart.
"He was free in a minute and off on his next adventure. He was as happy as anything. When we were leaving I heard the owners saying they'd be calling him Teapot."
Mr Milne said he regularly went out to help animals in danger – from cats trapped in walls to dogs down cliffs. He said cats stuck up trees were "a real pain in the neck".
"Often we're not even needed because they can come down."
The owners of the puppy could not be contacted last night.

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