The folks over at Unfold Fab design studio have come up with something pretty cool. They have taken a basic, inexpensive prototyping machine caled the RapMan and enabled printing of ceramic slurry.  Posted here is their first attempt to create a two walled vessel. Pretty cool. 

Now to be clear, this is not the first time that ceramics have been rapid prototyped. But what is so cool is that the machine is cheap and the materiel being printed is just we extruded clay. Although they are not completely clear on what is used. 

As they describe it,what they have done is to hook up syringes filled with slurry (sounds like Stuck Up Slip) that is used to extrude layers. How this different from other forms of rapid prototyping? Those systems utilize a dry powder and the printer lays down a binder which the clay powders adhere to. This system is just clay. 

This kind of D.I.Y. innovation can really change things that we can do in forwarding our objects.

Pretty cool.


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