Decent Exposure

This series of shallow bowls is called "Every Drop Counts" and allows the consumer to expose the story as they slurp their soup.

I have to admit that I am a sucker for story telling. I really don't think that there is enough storytelling in Art, but specifically Ceramics. It seems that too many people are concerned with the conceptual one-liner. This takes a nice twist by incorporation function and time, yet the simplicity of a silhouette.  Well done.

Designed by Ayda Anlagan is a London based industrial designer.



Andrew said...

How about a bottomless bowl to tell a never ending story :)
Nice find!

Hazel Terry said...

Just gone right through your blog, thankyou for a most enjoyable evening, lots of fun and great ceramics.

Matthew Katz said...

Hi Hazel,
Glad you like what I have going on.