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Fred Herbst a semi-local from Corning NY, sent me these pics of Porcelain for the People that he fired in an Anagama.  For all of the resources we have here in Alfred, the one thing we don't have is an Anagama. So I can't thank Fred enough for putting the clay through it's paces. a The clay developed a wonderful color and survived the rigorous 75 hours at cone 11/12 with flying colors. Thanks for the Pictures Fred!

Also, The response to The Coup, our Mid Temperature version of Porcelain for the People has been great! The clay has been flying out the door.

This clay is everything that you want with a mid fired clay. Solid and vitrified with a wonderful color. It works unlike any clay you have ever used, great for wheel or the sculpture. Responsive to the touch, yet with a ruggedness that you have never experienced with any other porcelain. Combined with Stuck Up-the building and attaching (and decorating) slip and Cast Away Slip, they form a trinity of clay working that have never been seen before. 

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The Aesthetic Elevator said...

Mmmmmm, delicious finish on those there pots.