Those who live in Mud Houses.

Kristen Kieffer shared this link about these fascinating houses. I love them because the are in line with the bridges made of snow project that I just had my Freshman students do. there is something wonderful about working with limitations. The way that function and basic materials force us into making decisions with limited scope but infinite potential.

The Mugsum people in northern Cameroon are known for thier clay houses. Gigantic in scale and heavily decorated, these houses function as housing, but also provide circulation and cooling. 




Anonymous said...

those are incredibly beautiful

cookingwithgas said...

Ditto Jim!
Those are wonderful and I would love to go in one!

SMS said...

casas increíblemente bellas, realmente únicas

Zafera said...

It's nice to find out about the brilliance of native African cultures.

Eugene Hon said...

I have always loved these - we based a first year ceramic Design project on them a number of year ago. Students wedge clay into a block - then carve the exterior of the inspirational indigenous architectural structure - when the clay is leather hard, they turn the piece over and they start to carve the interior - creating a vase and or bowl dictated by the exterior. They then burnish parts and smoke-fired the architectural inspired vessels; marvelous results - interesting forms and shapes.