The Dude Pots...


I love to collect the list of celebrities who indulge in clay. It is nice to know that Matthew Sweet, Parker Posey, Gina Davis, Barry Bostwick all dig the dirt. 

Jeff Bridges, The Dude, Starman, Kevin Flynn in Tron  is getting a lot of press for his movie Crazy Heart and the word is that he may win an Oscar for it. 
In one of his recent interviews he admitted to getting dirty.  

If I'm not creating something, I get tired of myself, so I do painting, music, ceramics and photography. It gets boring doing one thing - I get restless when I'm acting all the time, so I like to jump from movies to music to the camera.  

Welcome to the club Dude...but do you have to use so many cuss words?


Michael Kline said...

I knew there was something about the Dude besides Kahlua!

pj said...

Join the campaign on facebook for a STARMAN sequel.


Get Jeff Bridges back in the role where he can shine again.

Linda Fahey said...

he has a great website: Jeffbridges.com (of all things)

love this guy!!!