Lift and Seperate

Unfortunately my Google translator is acting up, so I can't tell you too much about these cutting boards. Except they are called Cut & Paste. But, from what I can tell, they are an interesting concept of the cutting board. Combining it with a porcelain dish that can be used as a receptacle. 

Mrs. Rose and I like to cook and last night as I was chopping away at our Chicken/Almond stir fry I was thinking. One of the smartest things that we have gotten for the kitchen is a few dozen tiny little bowls for components. So after chopping or measuring we can set the ingredients aside, ready to go. That sort of efficiency adds to the dishes, but it makes the cooking itself go a lot easier. 

I think this cutting board does the same thing. Creating a depository for the food that you are working with. Keeping it aside and clean ready for the stove. 

My only question/critique is if does the bottom have foot pads? Because if the bottom is raw porcelain or worse glaze, it is going to slide with the cutting, not to speak of the impact could fracture the porcelain. 

Otherwise, quite nice. 


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