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First, Yes I have pushed back my promised piece, because life is getting in the way. But I did want to put up two reviews that have come up recently. Both of these reviews focus on putting Stuck Up- The Amazing Attaching Slip to the test.  I don't talk about Stuck Up, very much and I really should. 

This stuff is amazing, it can be used to attach parts without scoring. it can be used to attach clays of two different moisture contents together. It can attach virtually bone dry pieces together. It can be used for drawing and decorating surfaces. It can even be used to build with. It is revolutionary stuff.   

Stuck Up came out of industry, where this stuff was discovered for attaching handles. In a factory they don't have the time to slip and score. So they came up with this stuff that they could dob on the ends of the handle and stick it to the pot and voila! It is stuck on. Amazing! 

Of course, we are artists so we said, "What else can this stuff do?" and the answer is everything. There are new uses being made for it every day. The limit is your imagination. 

Give Stuck Up  a try, you won't be disappointed.

The first review is from Atlanta Clay

   ...Also available are the Cast Away Slip and the Stuck Up Slip – an amazing attaching slip that eliminates the need for scoring, matches the body perfectly, is incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of moisture states. It’s an industry secret and man does it work! We put it through the gauntlet here at Atlanta Clay – check out our results below.  Daphne threw with the clay and attached handles and appliques and Deanna handbuilt with it in her traditional, torturous way – no cracks so far!!

porcelain for the people 065
porcelain for the people 067
porcelain for the people 073
” I was a jacka** trying out this clay. I attached handles at a nearly bone dry state to cups that were leatherhard… days later I decided to attach the appliques, which were wet, to the cups (bone dry by that time). I’m used to working with porcelain and expected everything to crack off…. it didn’t. Out of seven teacups I didn’t lose a single attachement.  And that’s crazy.” – Daphne


Awesome, Right? 

Our second review is from Beth over at About.com:Pottery


The Bottom Line

Bottom line, this is a porcelain slip that truly is wonderful for attaching components such as handles, spouts, feet, and more. It is useful with a wide variety of clay bodies, including those with lower maturation temperatures.


  • Excellent attaching slip that works with a wide range of clay bodies.
  • Used successfully on damp, leather-hard, and bone-dry greenware.
  • Can also be an interesting thick trailing slip.


  • Dries nearly instantaneously. Know exactly what you are going to do before opening the bottle.
  • White color may provide unwanted contrast when used with other colored clay bodies.


  • Porcelain attaching slip made from mother clay body, Porcelain for the People. Matures cone 7-12.
  • Works well with other clays besides mother clay body. Used to attach components or mend breaks in greenware.
  • Comes in a conveniently-sized plastic bottle with nozzle-tip cap.


Guide Review - Review of "Stuck Up Attaching Slip"

You have to love the name of this slip, and it fits the product perfectly. Not only does it work fantastic with its mother clay body, Porcelain for the People, but it also performed with stellar results when I used it with other clays, including mid-range stoneware, white low-fire, and red earthenware clay bodies. One of the real trials by fire was when I broke a limb off a white low-fire tree as I was loading it to be bisqued. I used Stuck Up Slip on the bone-dry greenware, then held it for a scant moment. Not only did the slip weld the limb back on right then, but it also held beautifully through the firing.
Attaching slips and menders have been used by industry for quite a long time. Many potters use them, too. Stuck Up Attaching Slip is one of the best I've tried. Not only does it eliminate the need for scoring, it creates a very solid attachment even when the pieces are bone dry. It, of course, also works just as well for damp and leather-hard greenware as well. (As an added bonus, I also found it to be an interesting slip for trailing raised designs.) 


Sweet, Don't you think?

So give Stuck Up a try. You can get your bottle a the Matt and Dave's Clays Store or at fine retailers like Atlanta Clay

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