Bulldog Skin

I played the part
I played the start
I made a table out of clay 

-Guided By Voices, Bulldog Skin

I always loved that lyric. As a Ceramical person it has always seemed as a Sisyphean challenge to actually do that. Yet, there is always a clever person willing to take up the challenge and make it happen. 

As I prepare to start teaching foundations tomorrow. I love the approach or round about thinking. I hope I can encourage my students to think in such terms. 

I can't find much about the maker except that her name is Arianna Vivenzio and she has a multimedia design portfolio that you can see here.



Judy Shreve said...

very cool ! And also happy belated birthday. I was out of town this weekend so I missed you on Saturday. My husband's birthday is tomorrow - Yay for capricorns!

Matthew Katz said...

Hi Judy,
Thanks for the birthday wishes, and Right back at your Husband!

Anonymous said...
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