Well, ready or not here I come.

This morning brings the start of another session of Glaze Clac, here at Alfred University. A time for much celebration as I face a room of excited and sleepy ceramics students. Eager to absorb ceramics science.  Hopefully I'll get some more of my popular history of heat series out (as it is much easier to get them written when I am teaching).

In celebration of Glaze Calc. I present to you the Data Base of Periodic Tables. A fun little site that has a whole bunch of different ways of looking at out trusty little chemical reference.

I must away off to class, so wish me luck. 


Judy Shreve said...

oh how I wish I could sit in your class room & absorb some of this chemistry!

Matthew Katz said...

Hi Judy.
There may be an upcoming announcement about a publicly available glaze clac class I may be teaching this summer...

HeidiMCF said...

I want to sit in too! You should teach an online class.