iCan't believe I paid for this

I love my iPhone...like, looooooooove my iPhone.

It is the most wonderful piece of technology to ever fit in my pocket. Even better then the pointed stick (although that is pretty handy).  So when I read that there is an app called iCeramic Art. I had to try it.

Truth be told. I have been thinking of a ceramic app for some time. But I was thinking of more a technical, glaze calc type of app. Good thing I don't know anything about programing for the iPhone SDK so I don't waste any precious time on it.

iCeramic Art is something else. This program from Exrant and is meant to be a real time 3d modeling program.
I bought it and gave it a spin for all of you. I admit that I have only given it a cursory try. but my main reaction is. Meh...

I will say, it is pretty cool to see that the iPhone has such live rendering abilities. And I do believe that the program could be something decent. It has neat features like the clay responds to the touch, and you can spin the clay as you "work" with it, ala the wheel. There are tools and finishes, and a variety of things that show that someone was thinking this through.

I guess the big problem is that the app is not very intuitive. When you open it up, it s a mystery as what to do with it.  It is sort of like a "button masher" video game. You play with it and it does something. it is just not what you want it to do.

Anyway, the app is $0.99 so if you want to play with it, it is not much of a loss. but it is not much of a gain either.

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