Gone With the WInd


This "Blown Away" vase by Moooi looks like a failure. But it is in fact a carefully developed and rendered piece, developed from thousands of computer renderings to make the blown away look.Blending the distortion of the shape and the surface decoration are beautiful.

 From the Maker

The blow away vase was born through a digital process of creating an impossible situation with impossible consequences.CAD modeling, animation and distortion all played a valuable role in the development of the form. To begin with anoriginal vase was created with CAD software and then subjected to a directional wind force that reshaped the form ofvase in a way that is impossible in reality. The animation of this was then paused in time, enabling technicians to usethis frame to model the new form, develop a highly intricate mould and then preserve the vase in the beauty of porcelain.

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