Cover Me

Well great, now I have Bruce Springsteen stuck in my head. 

Well, I'm back to thinking about tiling. As Mrs. Rose and I get closer to completing our painting projects our minds turn to our next project. The Downstairs Bathroom! Dun, Dun, Dunnnnnnn!

 The project is going to be pretty much a complete tile job. Using of course wonderful Trikeenan Tiles. But now living in a world of tile I am always amazed by the sweet tiles that are out there. 

These tiles by JSPR create a network, showing the path of your pipes.A nice solution if a) you just want something different that looks cool or b) you can't get the pipes into the wall. I know that sounds crazy, but when we were house hunting, we saw some really nice old houses that had their plumbing retrofitted and were completely exposed. These tiles would have been the perfect solution for that house.

They come in 5 different styles that allow for you to lay a pattern as your plumbing requires. 

It really reminds me of that game...shoot I can't remember the name. Early 90's, where you were racing the water coming down the line and trying to get the pipes laid faster then the water travels. I had the same tile patterns as these....Who know the name? Now I need to know and find a copy of it. I loved that game.



dthorpe said...

Pipe Dream? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pipe_Mania_(video_game)

Matthew Katz said...

Pipe Dream! And I can get it for my iPhone. Sweet.
Thanks danny