The moment of the crime

Hi All, 

Sorry for the lack of posts. On the first day of classes I came down with a vicarious cold of some sort. I don't know what is was, but it was hard to kick and had me on my back for a few days. These plagues tend to travel through academia and always seem to arise with the beginning of the semester....hhhhhmmmmm odd that...Anyway, I return, still not quite there but on my feet.

I introduce to you the piggy bank that tempts fate. This little number has been frozen in suspended animation. The moment in which the hammer comes down to lay it's vengeance upon our poor little porcine repository is captured. The crime always leaves traces, and here we have the murder weapon. Not to find the killer. 




HeidiMCF said...

I love that it's used as a vase too!

Beth said...

Hope you feel better, Matt! I started teaching this semester (psych, not art), but managed to get my bug a week early, so was over it by the time I needed to connect with my brain again.

Poor Piggy!!! ~WEG~