Welcome to 2010!
I hope everyone had a nice New Years.

Mrs. Rose and I had a lovely time, we spent some time with Dr., Mrs., and Miss Katz. Then returned to Alfred to put in some work on the new abode. I've been practicing my dry wall patching skills; I put some wicked nasty holes in the walls trying to get our bed upstairs. The bed eventually made it, but the walls suffered some major damage (measured in feet, not inches).

Mrs Rose became intensely involved with our new wallpaper steamer in our attempts to un-country craft Chez Katz. Mrs. Rose has an intense love of color. so when speaking with one of our new neighbors I told her that we had been painting and she asked "What color?" I replied, "Obnoxious".

We also took some time to commune with our destructive sides and helped our dear friend's the Fecteau-Volks, destroy a wall in the pursuit of a new master suite. 

Home renovation is intensely therapeutic.

Anyhoo... enough about us. On to the clay

These pieces by Atelier NL are focused like a laser on the idea of "Local" These pots are made from the same soil that the food served in them was raised from. Seeming like a progressive concept. In actuality that is sort of how things were done, until the trains came to town. The food/dish relationship is an important one that I am often emphasizing, but this takes it to a new extreme.

...Of course I'm not sure how the handles fit into that... of course the clay looks a little short...

Thanks to Kristen Kieffer for the heads up!

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Linda Starr said...

Would love to know how those handles are attached, great pieces. That drywall mesh fabric stuff helps with patching walls.