NCECA Pre-Conference: You know you want to.

Hola, Katz and Kittenz

I hope everyone had a great weekend. We had a fantastic time with Mr. Chris who unfortunately is on his way back to Vacationland as I type. My favorite quote from the weekend was "I didn't realize that Alfred was so...small..."

Anyhoo, today's news is important for all of you, but especially those of you who are trying to make a go of ceramics as a lifestyle. Friends of Slipcast. Michael Connelly and Alleghany Meadows are putting together a Pre-Confernece Meeting with a very important subject. 

"Making Through Living—Living Through Making:
Studio Pottery in 2010


The even is taking place on March 29 and 30, at Montgomery County Community College, Blue Bell, PA. The conferece has a who's who of awesome ceramicits who are working thier buns off to make a living at making pots. Including include Mary Barringer, Christa Assad, Andy Brayman, Ron Meyers, Ellen Shankin, Ayumi Horie, Julia Galloway, Alleghany Meadows, Steven Lee and Michael Connelly.

It is an exceptionally tough life out there and these people have a lot of knowledge to share on the subject.

 I have known Connelly and Ghany for a long time and they are smart and talented people and have a lot to contribute to the community and the discussion. So sign up now, You won't be disappointed. 

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Kourtney Stone said...

You should be more careful about posting such wonderful opportunities where students who will have finals looming overhead at the same time can see!


I hope every one who can go the the meeting does.

Kudos on the blog. It's refreshing to read reviews where work is actually discussed from several angles, not just a picture and a link. It's also helpful to read an advocate of the ceramic arts.

Matthew Katz said...

Thanks Kourtney,
That is very kind of you to say.

Christine--RHP said...

last year at NCECA in a panel discussion on promoting one's work (Meadows was on the panel) I stood up and spoke to the question of making a living as a potter and promoting one's work (in a room of several hundred people)-one of the other panelists said "I doubt there is anyone in this room who makes their living from making pottery" and I nearly fell on my ass in shock. I answered her as I gingerly raised my hand 'I do.' I said. And not another person in the room said a peep. I do believe that several people in the conference you are promoting do make their living teaching and selling their work in galleries. If I can get out of the studio long enough, I may check this out.
But those of us who are not employed in the academic world of clay, who watch trends, work with the markets, promote, advertise, blog, and produce our asses off to pay the bills might not get too much out of it if it's catering to that NCECA academic crowd. I will go to their website to learn more.