Top Secret

Hi all,

Sorry to say that I am super busy today because Mrs. Rose and I are trying to get work done so that we can go on a secret mission the weekend. The good news is that the mission is an attempt to do something new for the blog. So I should have something cool to post next week.

So have a good and safe weekend and I will see y'all on the other side.


We made it back alive, but the post is going to have to wait till tomorrow. I want to do it some justice.


Jaimianne said...

So I must tell you that I look forward to this "top secret" plan going on. I actually enjoy this blog so much that I have recently made it my homepage. Cheers and best wishes.

HJ said...

Nice to see that someone else doesn't just take everything that comes along and pronounce it "hip" and "Fun" or "cool."
It's hard to find anyone that has taste anymore, or that will express outrage at some atrocity being passed off as the Next Big thing.