1-2-3-4 I declare a Ware War

Ok, This has now gone much too far. First it was the baked Cup Lid. Which was cute and functional and we all had a good laugh. Then the was the Cookie Cup, which was treading on our toes a little to heavily. Now it has come to this.

Formafantasma (Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin) have created an entire line of baked dinnerware for Dutch Design Week. I am just aghast. My blood is boiling so viciously that I can not form coherent thought. 

All these bakers think they are sooooooo witty. That because they know food, that that gives them the right to know dinner ware. BACK OFF! Why don't you head back to your kitchens and proof some yeast. Sheesh! Who do these people think they are?

 What is the worst offense? They are using our own tools against us! Check this out!

A slipcast mold! OMG.

Bastards (Battards!)

Oh yeah, "Bread can do anything" "Laddy Da, Laddy Da" Yeah well you know what bread can't do? Dinnerware....

...or shoes. Definitely not shoes....




Beth said...

Uhhhhhh....At the risk of setting you off again, Matt.... Bread actually *was* used as dinnerware once upon a time. A trencher was a slab of bread that people scooped their food onto and used as a plate back in the Middle Ages when pottery plates were hard to come by.

But the shoes are definitely a no-no. ;-D

cookingwithgas said...

But I love the shoes!
They really made me laugh.
Maybe they are making these things for those people who like to drink champagne out of a slipper- what do you drink or eat out of a bread shoe?
All I can think of is spinach dip.
That would be cool between the toes.
I think this green thing is just going too far.....

Studio Terrafemina said...

Absolutely Outrageous.
I love it all!
Sorry Dude.

Diana Ferreira said...

Have to admit, those bakers use good molds ...

-Rob, Simple Circle Studios said...

I don't think potters have much to worry about from this front. Like you said, bread can't be dinner ware; not really anyway. Sure, people might get it once or twice (if it is even available commercially) as a novelty, but when they want good quality dinner ware that will last more than one meal they will turn to their friendly neighborhood potter.