Talk Amongst Yourselves

Hi All,

So, you all know that I am not one to hold my tongue. So this may piss you off, but at the end of the day I really don't care. Like me, or hate me. I'll sleep tonight. So here goes. You all suck at communicating.

Now I am not specifically talking about this blog, y'all are pretty good with the feedback. What I am talking about is communicating with each other in a greater sense. So to say that I have been shocked at the lack of a good ceramics message boards. I don't know about you, but I love the message board format. It is a great way to trade information and experience and to great a real community. I use them for every other interest of mine, except ceramics, because I have never found a decent one.

So now I am going to piss of some of you a whole lot.

I know that there is one forum on the internet, not to be named , that sucks beyond belief! It is a horrible board. The format is out dated and it  is impossible to search, our use. In fact This board is so out of date I remember a story from a few years ago that the hosts wanted to convert it to a message board format and the users protested and kept it in their poor format. You know what. If people like that, good for them. I can't stand it.

Which brings us to a new option. Pottery Chat. Pottery chat is a brand new ceramics message board that was founded but Jason Fasi. and it provides the more accessible message board format.

Now, the board is brand new, so it dosen't have a lot of members, but as a message board. It is up to us in the community to make something of it. So if everyone stops by and registers, me may be able to start a new dialog, Wouldn't that be nice?

But the catch is, you can't stop by just today. You need to go tomorrow and next week and again and again. And post questions, post responses. Start a dialog.

Y'all are not just Islands, you are an Archipelago.  

So I demand that you go and chat.

Pottery Chat


MudStuffing Pottery said...

thanks... good post... agreed... signed up... however... time is always a consideration ya know. Between all the other social networks sites, twittering, blogging {all are great for communicating ceramic info, but ALL of which are HORRIBLE at archiving great information for future use)... oh yeah, make pots... it's gonna be tough to find the time.

Had a blog post that touched on a similar topic the other day (how blogs are great for communication, but a horrible resource for information: http://blog.mudstuffing.com/?p=626)

Matthew Katz said...

True and good blog post.
But the way I look at it, resources are resources. Take them or leave them.

Diana Ferreira said...

I belong to a Lampwork forum - that is where I gleaned most of my knowledge to work the flame. I love the interaction with other pple that is interested in what I do, and the general support one gets from speciality forums. Thank your for the link - I am brand new to ceramics, and is learning on the trot ... Some days it is good, as I am blindly diving into pits of slip.

cindy shake said...

I agree forums are great and it looks like Pottery Chat has a nice, clean FRESH format! Hopefully it will catch on as a bookmarked resource. Forums have had a bad rap because they historically are so OUTDATED and pathetically clunky and PC based...

Compared to other mediums I've thought potters are among the best at sharing and communicating though mainly through their blogs -and there are wonderful images. It's probably just a matter of spreading the word -and you can sleep now that you've done your part.

HJ said...

I'LL say it, Clayart is terrible. Why they persist in the old usenet format is beyond me. It is, as you have pointed out, hard to read and use, so I welcome Potterychat.org, and hope that it catches on in a big way.
PCs rule.