Stuck in the middle with you.

Much like sitting in the middle of the backseat when you were a kid, there is always a familial equivalent of the worst seat in the house. Of course you could be banished to the kids table (it really does not help you self esteem when you are over 30). At family dinners that seat is the spot where the two table come together. Inevitably the tables are not the same height. This plate designed by Shira Nahon solves that problem, providing a split that levels the differnence. 

Good Work. 

Via: Badder Homes and Gardens


jimgottuso said...

cool plate... plus at the end of your meal and you have a few stray bits of rice and your manual dexterity is compromised by the glasses of wine you drank during dinner and you want to pick the plate up and lick it but know it's bad manners, you can use the ledge in the middle of the plate to ease those last maverick grains onto the fork

Lauren Denney said...

what a wonderful idea, just need to solve the problem of the table leg now!

Matthew Katz said...

That's exactly what I thought of too.
Maybe we need a plate with a crease in it for that purpose.

I thoughts that's what books were for : )