Porcelain for the Pinchers

Hi All, 

I was overjoyed to find these pictures in my inbox from Emily Schroeder. These are some images of Pots that she made with Porcelain for the People and I think that you will agree that they are quite lovely. 

In full disclosure, Emily is a friend of mine, but why I am really over the moon with these pots is because Miss Em, is mean to her porcelain. You see, she is a pinch potter, in fact she may be the greatest pinch potter in the world. And she is fearless about working in Cone 10 Porcelain and  pushing her clay. So when she tries a clay she puts it through it's paces. If someone can kill a clay body, Miss Em can.

Miss Em's review was short and sweet. 

"I LOVE LOVE LOVE your clay
and I MISS MISS MISS your clay :(

Matt and Dave's Porcelain for the People is one of the best porcelains i have ever handbuilt with.  It has a beautiful color and it is really plastic.  I would highly recommend it to anyone who uses porcelain. One of the best features of the clay is that when I hand-build with it, there isn't a funny plasticity to it when the clay changes from wet to leather hard to bone dry.  It continues to have a nice malleability. I think it's the best!"

Unfortunately she misses the clay because she is currently teaching in Canada, and the shipping rates to go over that imaginary line are pretty outrageous. I have had a lot of requests from our Canadian brethren, and All I can say is that I am working on it...  

Emily's Web Site

Also I wanted to give everyone a update on the T shirt front. Some of you may have seen my Facebook and Twitter that T shirts were ready...except that when I went down to the printers to pick them up. I found that they had really bungled the job. So we are still working on them... thanks for you patience. 


lindsey said...

i love her color scheme. i could easily see these resting on my table. does she have a website? a nice way to begin my monday.


Matthew Katz said...

I added her site to the post.
Thanks for catching that Lindsey!

Claire said...

Im a student of Emily's in Canada right now! What a surprise to check in on your blog and see her work posted! She was talking about your clay to us earlier in the year and that is when I googled you and found your blog! (small world...)