Keep those balls in the air.

I came across this video this morning and I had to post it. This is by a performer named Michael Moschen who is a master juggler. The reason I am posting this is because Wayne Higby showed this to us in Sophomore Wheel class. He was trying to teach us about being in control while on the wheel. How that as long as you are in charge, you can make the material do what you want. Look at the focus in his eyes, they look sort of absent, but he is trying to be subtle while controlling every action. He is fully aware of the consequences of every possible action and he uses that to his advantage. There is no "Magic" here, only mastery. Just like on the wheel. There are no surprises. It makes me a little peeved, when people try to pass off their failures as successes. If you are in control, there are no failures.

You also may know Mr. Moschen from his work in Labyrinth. I hate to bust everyone bubbles but it was not David Bowie doing the contact juggling.
I remember seeing Mr Moschen when I was a kid and being absolutely transfixed by it. Astounding control. 

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Judy Shreve said...

Very cool & amazing stuff! This work is also very musical & percussive It reminds me of watching my son practice snare -- and his percussion groups perform.