Top Clay

We have discussed here before that I am a huge fan of Top Chef. It may be my favorite show on TV. Great cooking, food porn, cinematography, and drama. It is also well known that I am fascinated by the connection (or lack there of) between ceramics and food. I know that ceramics people love food, but as I have discussed before that there does not seem to be a lot of obsessive consideration of food and dinnerware. In fact I was thinking the other day that it is odd that I haven't come across more chefs with ceramic experience or vice versa.

So I was totally conflicted when I learned that current Top Chef Contestant Robin Leventhal has a Masters degree in Ceramics from The University of Michigan. While I should be overjoyed by this notion, I am extremely conflicted, because from the "Game Show" portion of the show I want her gone. I know this is all in the editing and how the show is structured, but the producers have done a great job of portraying her a the underdog/villain. I'm sure she is a lovey woman, and I would be interested to know how she thinks about clay and food, as she has expressed interest in designing dinner ware.

Robin is currently the executive chef at See Sound Lounge in Seattle.



nickandmiri said...

I'm totally with you on this. I love the show. Robin? Not so much... Yes, it might be the editing but one gets the sense that she's not the best chef on the show (far from it) and is a tad annoying.

Ignorance was bliss. Now you've gone and created some cognitive dissonance for me too. Thanks a million! ;-)

Matthew Katz said...

You're welcome ; )

ANI said...

I've been wanting her gone for at least last four weeks. I don't think you should feel dissonant about her relationship to ceramics:)