You know what? F#$& you too...

Ok I censored myself because I know that a lot of other blogs carry the headlines from my blog on their pages. But be warned. The rest of this post I'm going to be working blue.

Kenny Scharf, Fuck you. It is dickheads like you that keep ceramics from being taken seriously. When artists from outside the ceramics world step in an make ceramic objects that are A) Stupid, B) Ugly and C) Pointless, you drag us down with you. 

You see Mr. Scharf has just released a line of Bongs that he is selling in the Cerealart Gallery in Philadelphia.

Oh, look at me, I'm so clever. I'm so Urban. I'm so fucking Ironic...FUCK YOU!

You are a pompous, condescending and artistically illiterate douchebag, and your work is ugly and outdated.  The 80's called and they want the dis-effected irony back.

Now, to the ceramics people that are still reading. This does not mean that you are all off the hook for the lack of respect that ceramics gets in the art world. We dug our own hole and it is our job to get out of it ("Dig Up, Stupid!") And don't give me the "I don't want to be a member of that club" nonsense. This is about respect, and we need to garner respect for and of the art community. End of story. 

None the less, this is shit. 

I'm not going to post links. If you care, you can find it yourself.


Rose said...

Well someone is a little testy but alas you are right. We need to dig our selves out of the big bottomless pit that is history. I blame the people that started making clay tobacco pipes. I shake my white fist of death at you dead people.

Jesse Lu said...

HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jesse Lu said...

and, amen.

Matthew Katz said...

Mrs Rose,
You know that this kind of rant means that I am in a GOOD Mood : )
..and what an adorable, angry, White Fist of Death it is.

Gabe Sealey-Morris said...

What about all those glass "artists" who have been making money for years selling pot pipes in head shops? We've done craft fairs with them - guys with briefcases full of paraphernalia. Do real glass artists get pissed at them this way?

How the hell does something like this end up in a gallery?

As a tobacco pipe collector, though, I have to disagree with Rose. Clay pipes are a millenia-old craft - and a damn fine smoke.

Russell said...

There's a lot of bad stuff put on canveses, made out of bronze and out of ceramics. Pipes aren't the issue, they are a functional object that transfers the smoke of the burning ember to the imbibing person. If you're gonna make a pipe, make it good. Clay pipes have been around for a long time, it's time they came back as a legitimate functional object. I agree these things are shit.

mette said...

So glad to have found this blog... and then I happen to be on your bloglist... Thanks

Melisaa Peterson said...

I happened upon your blog and saw this post and laughed, had to join too because i felt the need to support your findings. Of course i had to go check out this guys stuff and WOW it is all shit in my opinion. I wonder whos junk he had to service to get to where he is. O.o