Sweet, Sweet Nectar

A friend recently gave us a pottery juicer, but not as a present, just as something she left at the house. It just mysteriously appeared after a visit.  Like the vegetables from your garden in August that you just want to get rid of, so you leave them at friends houses.
After a week I asked
"... Ummmm, What is this doing here? " 
"Oh, because you guys have all the ceramics..."
" Ok... so why is this here?" 
"I thought you would like it"
"But it is ugly, and not particularly functional"
"But, it is clay"
"So I want every piece of clay out there, because it is clay?"
At that point she crumbled and admitted that it was from her Mother-In-Law and she was trying to pass the ugly buck.

We were re-gifted, for the sin of being ugly. 

Of course, none of this would have been a problem is it was a super cool hummingbird juicer like this one from Z Gallerie.


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Aisha said...

Hi there!

I just love the Dr. Bird Juicer!
can't believe you don't. Maybe it's because you don't know it's background. It's Jamaica's national Bird and is said to have special powers. My Jamaican nickname is Bird! hunkar@planet.nl