We all know what we should do. Of course that never matches what we do. These plates by Rui Pereira and Hafsteinn Juliusson, a pair of Icelandic designers, are decorated with recommended serving portions. Designed in 3 styles, the Super Size, The Extra Ordinary, and The Diet. These plates take the hard work out of portioning your meals for proper eating. They also look pretty pretty. 


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Studio Terrafemina said...

Sometimes I think all the good ideas are taken and so I need to just stop potting right now.
Sometimes I think my ideas are good enough to churn a living from (I do thus far)
Some times I love reading and seeing the really funny-great-weird-stupendously-outrageous pottery things out there and
One thing
for certain
your posts cover all the bases with out fail!
( it took me a while to figure out the moose is a shower )

Cheers to you from Vancouver Island Potter Mickey S of Studio Terrafemina.