Breaking Hart(wick)s

Hi All, 

Sorry I disappeared last week. I was asked by my friend Sephanie Rozene to come to Hartwick College and do a lecture on glaze flaws for her students. It was a great time and the students were lots of fun. 
Some of the Hartwick students helped me at NCECA with some Matt and Dave's Clays promotional activities. In exchange I gave them Matt and Dave's Tee Shirts (available here). One crafty student named Zach, took his tee shirt and had a friend tie-dye it. Pretty snazzy if I do say so myself.
It goes so well with our awesome Porcelain for the People clay. Give it a spin, you won't be disappointed. 

Speaking of Glaze Calc. I wanted to give a heads up for my glaze clac class for all of you New England readers. It is taking place from June 14-18, on Cape Cod at The Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill. It is called Rumor Milling and will be a great class for learning all about glazes, for the beginner or the professional. Be There!

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