Penny Wise

As most people know. It costs $0.02 to make a penny and $0.09  to make a nickel. To me that is absolutely ludicrous. Apparently there are discussions going on in Washington about changing the compositions of coinage and one of the options is...Porcelain!

From the Wall Street Journal

"The government isn't saying which new materials it might use in coins. Most coin experts say creating non-metal coins would go over like a wooden nickel. Still, industrial porcelain, embedded with an identification chip, is seen as an outside possibility. A more likely candidate: an aluminum alloy, used by other countries for coins. But any switch is likely to be controversial."

I know, too cool.

Of course it will never happen. But it seems to me that this would be a perfect option. Rugged and cheap and would last for ever. The article references American's supposed opposition to any change to their currency,  I call bullshit. Firstly I don't know anyone who cares. I suspect that it is those who care who whine a lot. Of course the article mentions how the crazies think that President Obama wants to steal all their gold (who is he Long John Silver?). And the same people think we are still on the gold standard... oh boy. 

But the country I know is crazy for every new quarter and redesigned coinage. And the Treasury has already made paper currency the ugliest thing on the planet. On a side note. why can we not have bills that are blind friendly? If I am not mistaken we are the only country that still has every bill exactly the same size, so that I blind person can't tell the difference from on to another. Sheesh

Anyway, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Porcelain coins but I'm not holding my breath. 

Thanks to Davis Pier.