Brand New/ Retro

Taiwanese designer pili wu, in partnership with craft artist jian-an su have created 'IKEA plus tertial'. here, the IKEA tertial lampshade is given a transparent porcelain cover containing a pattern within - portraying a mythical battlefield of tigers and dragons - all brought to life as if in a fiery inferno, when the light is switched on. wu and su have transformed this typical desk light's plain bulb into a mysterious fireball.

This is a fantastic take on the whole ready made, re-purposing concept.  I love IKEA, but it can sometimes lack some soul that this really brings to the piece. The blend of design, production, ceramics, history and function really come together to make an exciting art piece. 

via Kristen Kieffer
If you haven't checked her out, Visit KK's site, she makes some sexy pots. 

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