Riding the Wiki Wiki Bus

I have always been a huge advocate for communication in ceramics. See such examples as...this blog. I think that the ceramics community is really good at making attempts to share information. And the community was quick to jump online. Allowing for large pockets of solitary workers form together in a single community. The problem being that the modes of communication stalled somewhere in the Mid 90's. Not To say that communication stopped. But, I do think that we all failed to take part in the news features of the web as it grew. Now all that is changing. With the rise of Ceramics Blog, for communication, critique, and teaching. As well as the birth of several new message boards (Here and Here). We have the ability to talk to each other.

I met a nice gentleman at NCECA named Simon Levin, told me about his new website, Wikiclay. I have to beleive that if you made it to my blog, you are familiar with the Wiki format. As a community of the people for the people. The Wiki allows us to facilitate information exchange, in a way that is centralized, regulated and consistent.

Of course the catch is that the Wiki can only survive if the community is active in it. If you know just a little about a subject, go ahead and start a post, add what you know. Right or wrong the community will massage it into the best information we can generate.

So go forth and educate.



Move With Me said...

Thank you for those links, i'll be sure to check them out. I enjoy your blog very much and think its a great service to the ceramic community.
Thanks again


伯怡建銘君臻 said...

may the blessing be always with you!! ........................................