Art Lebedev Studios are one of the more interesting design groups out there. Consistently coming up with new and engaging things. 

This new project, entitled the Ironius Mug, is a combination mug and clothing iron. For those pressed for time and under caffeinated.  

Alton Brown, my favorite cooking show host, always declares his disdain for Uni-Taskers. Tools that only perform one job. This is a Multi-Tasker for sure...But, I would be afraid of spilling coffee on my shirts and staining them.

Sorry for the gratuitous "function" shot. Blame the designer and not the blogger. 



Alex Solla said...

There is something very surreal about that image of the woman ironing her shirt... SHE HAS NO LEGS!!!!!

Matthew Katz said...

Let us marvel at the amazing ironing half-Lady

Sue Downes said...

Do you mean Iron maiden?

Matthew Katz said...

well done Sue : )