Mac the Knife

Hi All,

I hope eveyone had a great weekend. Our's was great. We finally finished the painting of the two last rooms in the house! It was a lot of wall paper stripping, skim coating sanding, priming and painting. But the Job is done. I will admit that we hit a wall. I'm going to blame the winter, Sometime around early February, when the wallpaper stripping in the office only lead to reveal that we had to do total skim coat jobs on two of the walls. I could not continue, I had to hibernate for the winter. But spring is now springy, our obnoxiously colored house is now done and I am writing this from the environs of our new orange office.

As everyone knows I love ceramics. I also love cooking and ceramic technology. Three great tastes that go great together. Of course one of the coolest developments in the modern ceramic chef's kitchen is the ceramic knife. These bad boys keep a wicked blade and don't develop a ribbon in the ways that a metal knife does. The review posted over at one on my favorite food blogs The Kitchn is discussing a set by Victorinox. This set sounds great because they are light and durable. But I am really fascinated because this set is quite affordable. Now the article states that these are expensive, but any cook who is worth their salt, has spent quite a bit more on a knife. Anyone who considers themselves to be serious in the kitchen will have a pretty bad knife habit, with a funnel going directly from their knife dealer from their bank account. So I really want to get one of these for my next fix.


DUDE Skateboards said...

I am actually a chef and ceramic artist as well, and have tested out this set in action. Very well balanced, and as you stated, affordable. Also Kyocera has a very promising series of ceramic kitchen utensils.
Awesome entry, and definitely appreciate the blog!

Annie Robertson said...

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