Cheech Marin-Pot Head

A) Yes I know this is obvious
B) I have hated the Pottery-Marijuana jokes since I heard my first when I was 16. The same with "Harry Potter" Those people can stuff it.

But, I did come across an interesting story yesterday. As some you may know yesterday was 4.20. If you don't know what that means, don't worry about it. 

Anyhoo, I was listening to The Adam Carrolla Podcast and the guests were Cheech and Chong. They were discussing how they got together and it leads back to pottery. Apparently Cheech, who is from Southern California, had run off to Canada to a) avoid the draft. b) work as a production potter. He is unclear on the name of the person he was working for but he seemed to know his stuff, talking competently about throwing off the hump. It was in Canada that he Met Tommy Chong and they began their team.

On that note, Carolla himself has long spoken of being a "Ceramics Major" in High School. Unfortunately he uses this as an example of how worthless his education was... Of course we all know that it has nothing to do with the education you receive, but how you use it.

Listen to the interview here.


cookingwithgas said...

Oh- those pot heads!

Calder said...

Word brother! Put your mind to it, dude.
I've put that ceramics degree/art history to WORK. To friends graduating KCAI this year, I know, I was there one year ago. I met a lot of folks and told all of the folks, 'hey, I was in there and since I have had a position as a gallery director for a ceramics art center. I'm in my studio at least 20 hours a week and I have exhibited multiple times nationally." They parents reply, 'thank you'. Hooray class of 2010! Including my sis Tilly Kamin!
Thanks for the traffic slipcast!