First I would like to welcome the new visitors that have been coming in from Carole Epp's listing of me in her top 10 Ceramics Blogs. All of my regular readers should check out Carole's Musings about Mud Blog and all of the other blogs she lists, great stuff.
It was very kind to list me, and I hope that everyone has a look around and finds some things they like.
I had a great long weekend, Mrs Rose and I did some work around the house, so I had to do a post on plants and planters. I have to say that I am not a plant person. I have successfully killed every plant I have ever had, except for one Aloe plant that has resisted every attempt on its life that I have made. It has Moved form Maine, to New York to Colorado, and back. Alive the whole time. In fact as many Aloe plants do, this one thrives on neglect. The worse I treat it, the better it does. So I avoid plants; Mrs. Rose on the other hand loves them. While I spent my Sunday, vacuuming, scrubbing toilets, and doing laundry (Mrs. Katz raised me to be a domesticate). Mrs Rose was tending to the garden.
So in honor of my good-lady-wife, I present you the Tetris planter. Designed by french designer Stephanie Choplin.
Via: Nerd Approved.

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