Lover's Quarrel

As we complete the end of another year here at Alfred, I am left, loving art once again. It is not that I ever hate it , So much as that thing that you don't know how much you love something until you have some distance from it. Just like the notion that you hate someone in the middle of a fight. You don't really hate them. You are just frustrated, and need some distance. But, when you come trough on the other end, you are invigorated and refreshed.
We now have 8 new Masters, going out into the world and going to do great things. I love them all, and I am very proud of them. Even the obstinate one, you know who you are ; ) This year I also had a class full of my Glaze Calc and Materials Students from last year, step up and show us their best. It was all rather exciting.
Things are rather busy, We are moving offices up here in Engineering, this summer. So that will be fun. But I am working on some cool research projects, that I hope I can talk about. Although the best one is Classified.
I have a ton of new thoughts on Glaze Clac (Cone 6, Cone 3 and loss, and success). Dave and I have put together a proposal on clays for NCECA Next year, so we are waiting to hear if the want us.
Also, Matt and Dave's Clays is now shipping! We can ship you 30lbs. of clay of our Amazing Porcelain for the People. Anywhere in the country (Even Alaska and Hawaii) for $28, Clay and Shipping. Pretty Cool, If I do say so myself. We also have Cast Away Slip and Stuck Up Slip, that we can ship to you. Check out the Glamor shots!

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