Hanging Out.

I found these tiles by Maruja Fuentes floating around. I like the way that they re-interpret function. But as is my mantra, I don't really care about function. Don't get me wrong, functional items inherently need to function. Tile should hold out water, a coffee cup should be easily held and drunk from. These tiles make up function as necessary. And that is just fine. As Mrs. Rose has continued her adventures with Trikeenan Tileworks, my notion of tiles as objects has totally evolved. They really are the ceramcis that we interact with the most, we just don't notice them. But they are under our feet, in our baths and kitchens.
They really remind me of when my sister and I visited Vienna. A wonderful city, tres cool. In Vienna you see the finger print of artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser all over. Very whimsical art and architecture. The one thing that I really remember was his notion of Tree Tenants. These are buildings where out cropping were built into the interior that extended to the exterior, where plants would grow and hang out onto the street. Really nice idea, bridging inside and out. Blending architecture and naturalism, and changing the face of the city.
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