I love Ayumi Horie. If you don't know her, check out here http://www.ayumihorie.com/
a great site, this is becoming a kind of ceramics hub, out here on the interwebs. She is an amazing ceramicist and makes great pots. Ayumi sent me this video of her dry throwing technique, that you will love, totally ingenious.
But the real reason that I love Ayumi, is because we grew up in the same tiny neighborhood in Auburn, Maine. On top of that we were both Lumberjacks (Hebron Academy) and Saxons (Alfred University). So I guess I have been stalking Ayumi from anear my whole life.
Actually we have quite a little ceramcis enclave from central Maine, as my friend Rob Sutherland is an old friend from Lewiston. Shout out to the 04210!...I am such a Nerd!
...For some reason I can't watch this without PJ Harvey going through my head.
Totally inappropriate I know, but none-the-less.

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