He's Kraffty

So, I have been grumpy for a few days.

There has been a blue and white porcelain gun floating around the internet for a week or so. It really gets under my skin because this is something Charles Krafft has been doing for years. So, some punk, literally rips off his work and the internet can't help but slobber all over it. I'm not going to name the person or link to the piece, because I believe this person should be ashamed of themselves.

I had a talk with a friend of mine, and she tried to talk me off a cliff. I know that it happens all the time.Yes I know Lady Gaga is just Madonna +25 years. But at least Lady Gaga is not putting on mesh shirts an finger gloves.  That is what this person has done, nothing creative, nothing original. 
I believe this person should be shamed. 

If they believe themselves to being a valuable contribution to the ceramics community, than this is plagiarism. 
If they just don't know, I'm sorry, ignorance is not an excuse.  You should not be making political work such as this without better research.
If this is just a creative exercise, why was it released publicly?
I know that creativity is flexible and all based on inspiration. 
I have always loved the phrase "good artists borrow, great artist steal" but that is a reference to the process of the development of sources.
If this is an homage, where is the originality?

We as a community should not allow this to stand. 

I pay tribute to the man who deserves the credit. Charles Krafft



Chris C. said...

word brother. and with a lot less craftsmanship.

ANI said...

So, as I mentioned earlier, I am not defending the copycat. But I DO believe the recent incarnation was commissioned by a German gun manufacturer as some souvenir-y thing.

miguel said...

I do agree! Although I would also say the same thing to all those psuedo japanese potters who seem to be doing nothing more than copying the same old crap without building upon it to create something new!

Matthew Katz said...

I have no problem with the Faux Japanese if it is a learning experiment. But to create a body of work without advancing the conversation is futile.

Matthew Katz said...

Even so, the responsible artists should have refereed the commissioner to the original. I'm sure he could use the money...we all can : )