Come one, come all, for Lower Prices at Matt and Dave's Clays!

Hey folks,

I have been exceptionally busy recently. Too much going on, but I guess that is the way I like it. 
Part of being busy is getting some things done here at Matt and Dave's Clays. 

The first thing is that we finally have all of our products back in stock! We hit a shortage there, in between y'all clearing us out and a shortage of materials from our supplier conspired to put us out of stock on everything. We now have our full line of Clays, Casting Slips and Building Slips ready for you. 

On that note, we also have some big news, because of the support that all of you have shown for Matt and Dave's Clays, we are now able to announce Lower Prices!

Our amazing clays are now $27 for 30lbs. That price is shipped to your door, anywhere in the United States for the same $27!

That is not all, we have also lowered the prices on our Casting Slips and Building Slips. 
Casting Slips are now $35 for 2 Gallons and Stuck Up Building Slip for just $10 per bottle.

Not only that but our awesome Tee Shirts are now only $20! Everything is cheaper at Matt and Dave's Clays

We love helping people make thier studios a more productive time and we hope you love what you are able to do with our clays. 

Get yours now, right here over at our website.

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