You're a Doll

I like to avoid a lot of analysis and philosophizing about the things I post here. It seems to me that that should be left up to you folks. I do often state that I love a lot of the things that are on the fringes of "Art Ceramics" Things like China painting, Grandma Ceramics and Mass produced ware. I love all that stuff. One of those often ignored things is Porcelain Dolls. I have one friend that makes a lot of dolls and they are a much ignored art form. I stumbled across these and my breath was taken away. 

Artist Marina Bychkova has created a series of stunning Porcelain Dolls. The only thong I will say is that the few images I posted here are barely representative of her work. Full of detail, creativity and stunning beauty, All I can do is sit an gawk. I recommend you do the same.


Her Deviant Art Page

Interview with Marina.


Kim Hines said...

if all porcelain dolls were like these i think they'd be more popular. i don't care for dolls at all but these are beautiful.

cookingwithgas said...

watch out Barbie!these are great!

carole epp said...

jaw is dropped, gorgeous!

Crystal said...

I have one of these dolls and they are even more stunning "in person".