Pot(ty) Mouth

I have no idea who Ron White is but the article in question mentions that he is a member of the Jeff Foxworthy/ Larry The Cable Guy, Blue Collar Comedy Tour.
The article mentions that before his career in comedy, he worked as a potter in New Mexico. 
I am increasingly amazed at this list that has emerged of Celebrity Ceramicists grows longer and longer.


cookingwithgas said...

this guy is pretty darn funny I suggest you pour a drink and watch some of his stuff.
A potter- really I would like his gig now.

-Rob, Simple Circle Studios said...

I went to see his show a couple months ago when he came to southern IL and seem to remember him mentioning that. And aside from his act being extremely inappropriate for younger viewers, he was freaking hilarious. I would highly recommend checking out some of his videos or trying to catch a show if he is in your area.